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Cacao Bliss

cacao bliss is a British-based brand of confectionery which has grown in popularity across the pond in recent years. It was founded by Simon Rottier who decided to open his chocolate shop in London after travelling around the world. His aim was to produce confections that rivaled those at his native France and Italy, but with a softer, more sensual feel. His main flavourings are white chocolate, Swiss chocolate and Australian white chocolate, with flavours sometimes used that are not traditional chocolate flavours such as lemon, apple or peach.

The chocolate shop is set in an old-fashioned chocolate warehouse in Vauxhall, London. Simon Rottier's mother, Irina, started making chocolate with milk four decades ago and selling it from a tiny shop in Paris. As her business became successful, she opened a series of shops all over London, selling chocolate that had been handmade in small batches to create each flavour. The chocolate shop trend took off when Rottier decided to open his own chocolate shop in London, specializing in personalised chocolate and to create some of his own recipes.

Cacao Bliss' cacao comes from two sources, both considered to be of high quality and aphrodisiacs in their own right. High quality cacao beans are sourced primarily from Peru, and they are roasted to perfection. They also come from Brazil, South America and other parts of the Amazon rainforests. This cacao content is what gives Cacao Bliss its dark, smoky flavour, and it also imparts a pleasant earthy aroma.

The other major ingredient in the cacao is the beneficial bitter flavour of the cocoa bean. When cacao is roasted, the bean will release its flavour and begin to mellow. This mellowing process is what makes chocolate so much more enjoyable to drink; it becomes more of a beverage rather than just a food ingredient. Cacao can be combined with many other ingredients to create exciting new flavours, and it is often the case that many of these flavours complement each other very well. This means that you can end up with a delicious chocolate experience, where one flavour dominates the other perfectly, giving you a wonderfully balanced and enjoyable chocolate experience.

As far as Cacao Bliss recipes go, there are plenty to tickle your taste buds and tantalize your palette. The most popular is undoubtedly their white chocolate, which is achieved by roasting the cacao in a standard oven for about 2 hours. After this long dry period, the chocolate is then blended with milk and cream and strained to leave the solids behind. Then it is wrapped in aluminum foil and allowed to cool, usually overnight, which allows the chocolate to solidify and when ready to serve it is always served at room temperature.

There are many other chocolate-based Cacao Bliss recipes that vary according to preference. Some people like their chocolate making experience to be a combination of different tastes, and there are many recipes available that combine chocolate and different fruits such as banana, dates, or even raisins. Some people enjoy the rich taste of dark chocolate, and so have created their own chocolate-covered fruits, such as dates, pears and even oranges. Whatever you decide to make however, Cacao Bliss will tantalize your taste buds and ensures that you love every mouthful that you get.

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